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The Team

Who We Are

Cesc Caceres

Founder & CEO

As an entrepreneurial force and trusted adviser, I'm dedicated to growing Padel in the U.S. while offering expertise in business development and strategic advisory services. My entrepreneurial journey includes mulitple successful ventures, real estate investments, and tech innovations. My acumen in commercial property as a Real Estate Broker laid the groundwork for my entry into home care with Companions Forever, where I pioneered Homecare SaaS tools that drove remarkable growth and a lucrative sale.

I'm now revolutionizing health insurance with Dori Works, an intuitive SaaS solution streamlining workflows. I also consult with doctors and homecare professionals on how to successfully build their businesses using my software and business plan. As co-owner and CEO of Padel Smash Academy, I lead business development and management, fostering a community through content and partnerships. Let's connect and explore how we can drive growth and success together.

Julian Wortelboer

Founder & Padel Master Coach

Creative, innovative, and transformational—these are just a few words used to describe me by my peers, managers, and students. With over 20 years of experience as a Director of Racquet Sports and Padel Master Coach, I've been a coach, director, sports store owner, and author. I believe in building solid fundamentals but also encourage creativity to find what works best. I interface directly with guests and clients to identify improvement areas and then put my own unique spin on things, always challenging the status quo.

As co-founder of Padel Smash Academy, we plan to be one of the first educational digital Padel platforms and the we are the first podcast in the country. I'm also the president of the PCA, leading the global development of padel coaches. One of only two Racquet Sports Directors in the U.S. with the Professional Sports Registry 4-star rating, I hold certifications across numerous racquet sports and have authored "Good to Great Coaching: The Science and Philosophy behind an Effective and Successful Coach."


PSA Team

At Padel Smash Academy, our team is dedicated to creating an unmatched padel experience. Our Marketing Director expertly guides our brand strategy, ensuring our identity resonates with the entire padel community. Our Content Producers and Editors work tirelessly to craft engaging material that informs, entertains, and unites players and enthusiasts. Supported by a dynamic staff that handles day-to-day operations, we operate seamlessly to bring you top-quality content, valuable coaching insights, and unparalleled services for your padel journey. Together, we're here to help you thrive in the world of padel.

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