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How to Take Your Padel Club from Idea to Reality!

Ready to transform your Padel club idea into a successful reality? This video provides information on how Neumann & Clarke tailored strategies in Sport, Business, Wealth Management, Data Analytics, Sales Strategy, Corporate Consulting, Finance Services, and Investments, ensuring measurable results.


Are you an aspiring Padel club owner looking to make your mark in the world of sports? Join Cesc, Julian, and our special guest, Magnus Clarke from Neumann & Clarke, as we uncover the essential steps and expert strategies to transform your Padel club vision into a thriving business. Whether you’re seeking investment opportunities or aiming to create a community-centered sports hub, this conversation is your gateway to success.

Magnus Clarke: A Journey into Padel

Magnus Clarke's entry into the Padel arena is a testament to seizing opportunities in emerging markets. Introduced to Padel through a business associate in New Mexico, Clarke saw the potential in a region where Padel is not just a sport but a burgeoning community activity. Despite his background in tennis, Clarke's transition to Padel has been both challenging and rewarding, reflecting his commitment to fully embracing the nuances of the sport.

Neumann & Clarke: Tailoring Success in Sports Consultancy

At Neumann & Clarke, the focus isn’t just on sports but on creating sustainable business models that integrate community and investor interests. With projects spread across France, Mauritius, Mexico, Spain, and Italy, the firm has a proven track record in boosting operational success for sports clubs. Their approach is comprehensive, dealing not just with sports facility management but also incorporating elements like restaurants, physiotherapy services, and community spaces to ensure a holistic business model.

Building Community Through Sports

One of Clarke’s major points during the interview highlights the importance of community involvement in the success of sports clubs. Neumann & Clarke emphasize sustainable economic models that cater to both the sporting and community aspects. For instance, their projects often include local business integrations such as restaurants and health services, ensuring that the sports venues serve as community hubs and not just playing fields.

The Strategic Approach to Club Management

Discussing the specifics of their consultancy service, Clarke reveals that their strategy involves a deep understanding of local dynamics, from selecting the right business models (ownership vs. leasing) to ensuring that sports clubs cater to all community members, including youth and disabled individuals. Their strategies are not just about sports development but about creating a vibrant, engaged community that supports and sustains the sport.

Advice for Aspiring Club Owners

For those looking to start their own Padel clubs, Clarke offers clear advice: passion and community are key. Understanding the local market, engaging with community interests, and maintaining a balance between business acumen and sports passion are crucial. Neumann & Clarke support potential club owners by matching them with the right business models and investment opportunities, ensuring that every new club is both financially viable and community-focused.


Magnus Clarke’s insights provide a valuable roadmap for anyone interested in diving into the world of Padel club ownership. With expert advice from Neumann & Clarke, aspiring sports club owners can navigate the complexities of investment, community engagement, and business management to build successful and sustainable Padel clubs. If you're ready to take your passion for Padel to the next level, connecting with experts like Clarke and exploring consultancy options could be your first step towards turning your sports club dream into a thriving reality.

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