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Perfect Balance of Defense and Offense: Babolat Technical Viper Review

Today, we're diving deep into the Babolat Technical Viper, a padel racket that seamlessly blends explosive power with precision and comfort. Whether you're dominating on offense or holding strong on defense, this racket is designed to elevate your game. Let's explore why this might just be your next favorite Padel racket.


Hello everyone. Today, we're doing the review of the Babolat Technical Viper. We've had the chance to use it for a bit, and it's clear this is a premium, well-made racket. It's slightly softer compared to the LeBron Viper, featuring a striking color scheme that blends orange, copper, and red. Weighing in at around 365 grams without a grip, this 12k carbon racket is similar to the LeBron model but offers distinct advantages.

First Impressions

This was probably my favorite among the Viper collection. It's more forgiving than the LeBron Viper, making it easier to play with. The racket's 3D hole system enhances the bite on the ball, while the surface, despite being smooth, has a bit of roughness to it. This combination makes it superb for both defense and offense.

Playing Experience

From my experience, this racket leans more towards offensive play. It felt great during volleys and smashes, offering amazing control. Its forgiving nature in defense was a pleasant surprise, making it a versatile choice for players who want to excel in both areas. If you're a left-sided player focused on attack but still value a solid defense, this racket is for you.

Performance Analysis

The Babolat Technical Viper excels in both defense and offense. The racket's 12K carbon construction, combined with the 3D hole system, ensures a solid grip and bite on the ball. The EVA core, which is both soft and firm, adds to the overall performance, making it a reliable choice for various playing styles.


In terms of defense, I would rate this racket in the high eights, around 8.8. For offense, it scores a remarkable 9.5. Overall, this racket averages a solid 9, making it one of the best in its class. It's now one of my top 10 favorite rackets, offering great value at around $320. Plus, you can save 10% HERE


The Babolat Technical Viper is a fantastic racket that provides the best of both worlds—defense and offense. Its innovative design and cutting-edge technology make it a top choice for padel players looking to enhance their game. Don't miss out on this incredible racket.

Stay tuned for more reviews and tips from Padel Smash Academy. We are all things padel!

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