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The $380 Babolat Technical Viper Is Insane

We splurged on the $380 Babolat Viper Lebron Padel Racquet - was it worth it? Check out this full review of the pro Padel racket used by Juan Lebron for all the details!

Hey, padel enthusiasts! Cezanne and Julien here from Padel Smash Academy. Today, we're thrilled to bring you a comprehensive review of the Babolat Padel Racket Technical Viper Juan Lebrón. This racket, a key piece in the Viper collection, is not just a beautiful piece of equipment but also a powerhouse on the court.

Introduction to the Viper Collection

Let's dive into the Viper collection by Babolat. Known for their premium quality and innovative design, Babolat continues to impress with their racket offerings. This particular model is favored by none other than Juan Lebrón, one of the top padel players in the world. It's tailored for advanced players who demand exceptional performance.

Technical Specifications and Design

The Technical Viper boasts several standout features:

  • Three Different Hole Sizes: The larger holes on the outer part of the racket increase the bite on the ball, enhancing spin. The smaller holes in the middle provide better control. This combination, known as the 3D Spin Plus technology, significantly impacts your play style, offering a perfect balance of power and precision.

  • Rough Surface: The rough texture of the racket surface adds even more spin to your shots, making your smashes and viboras more effective.

  • 12K Carbon Fiber Construction: This material ensures durability and power, making the racket responsive and robust.

  • Smart Butt System: The easily removable and washable straps are a thoughtful addition, ensuring hygiene and comfort during intense matches.

Performance Review

Defense:The Technical Viper offers outstanding control, though it demands precision. Its stiffer frame means you can feel the ball on the racket, but it requires effort to master. Julien and I both felt the need to stay focused to maximize its defensive capabilities. Despite the challenge, the quality and control it offers make it worthwhile.

Offense:This racket shines in offensive play. The weight distribution, particularly the higher sweet spot, facilitates powerful volleys and aerial shots. Whether executing vibras or bandejas, the Viper line delivers exceptional performance. It’s a monster on offense, with both of us agreeing it deserves high marks in this category.


The Babolat Padel Racket Technical Viper Juan Lebrón is a top-tier choice for serious padel players. Its price point at $380 reflects its high-end features and the extensive research and development invested in its creation. If you’re an advanced player looking for a racket that combines explosive power with incredible spin, this is for you.

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